This summer I had the chance to access the facilities of Iaac’s Green lab of Valldaura to produce the 2nd phase of the Twistab project. Twistab is an open design project I have been developing with Fablab Barcelona since mid 2013.

I teamed up with Shashank Shrivastva, a Shopbot and Rhinoceros master but also a great person and wonderful professional, with the idea to solve technical issues of the design and push the aesthetics aspect further. During 10 days we got immersed into the very spirit of the lab. Not only were we given the absolute freedom to do what and how we wanted but the intricate ambiance of the place acted as an inspirational force challenging us to push the project beyond our own expectations.

It was a very successful experiment in terms of productivity but most importantly in reflecting on the ethical aspect of the production and the imminent possibilities of giving added values through self-sustainable production. That was an aspect of my project which caused me lots of worries since I had not come across yet any venues or facilities which could proposes such tangible solutions.

The influence of Jonathan Minchin (director of the lab) in those terms played a verypositive role. His dedication to investigate, explore and develop new models of distribution highly contribute to create possibilities that yet just few years back seemed like utopian.